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 The waters around Long Island , New York provide some of the best fishing in the North East. There are an abundant number of species to target. Our most popular, of course, is the Striped Bass. This versatile game fish can be found on the flats , channels, beaches, shoals, and inlets. Striped Bass can be taken on the fly rod , light tackle spinning outfits, or with live or cut baits.

Species April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Striped Bass * * * * * * * * *
Bluefish * * * * * *
Weakfish * * *
Fluke * * * *
False Albacore * * * *
Bonito *
Sharks * * *
Blue Fin Tuna * * * *
Mahi Mahi * *

Spring time fishing is a great time to fish the Fire Island and Moriches Inlets for striped bass, weakfish, and blues. Fish are taken  on the edges of numerous flats and just outside the inlets with either the fly rod or light tackle gear.

Mid summer brings the action further east to the Moriches and Mount Sinai areas. The flats are close to the cooler waters of the inlets and hold striped bass into late July or even early August. Fluke, bluefish, and sea bass are always present to supply family trips constant action. Many large fluke are taken on the North Shore for most of the summer and a wonderful place to bring the kids for a day on the water.

Summer is also time for pelagic species and sharks can be had 30 minutes from the inlet. Mako, blue sharks, and threshars all call our waters home. Light tackle adds a new element to fighting these fish with todays newest rods and reels. If you haven't gone sharking in a while, come revisit an awesome fishery. Fly Fishing for Sharks is an up and coming sport and adds the the challenge.

Fall time is the right time for the journey to Montauk. This is the time of year to attempt your grand slam on the fly with bonito, albacore, striped bass, and bluefish. This is the largest game migration on the planet and the fish feed differently here than any place else on earth. It's a common sight to see acres and acres of fish feeding all at once. If the drive is not convenient, all south shore inlets will produce fish on their passage to warmer waters. The north shore has great blitz action in Port Jefferson and Mt. Sinai. Come out for a mid-week eve special and cash in on schooling bluefish.

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